I am the General Manager for WLLL, LLC and have specialized in the generation of mitigation plans for a variety of permits across all industries.  My initial role with Working Lands started in 2008 when I helped to true the due diligence of the mitigation markets.  This quickly translated into learning the process by which mitigation banks are established and approved with Burleson Wetlands Mitigation Bank, which translated into aiding in the acquisition of Pineywoods, the largest mitigation bank in the country at over 19,000 acres.  I currently oversee the sales and marketing of Burleson Wetlands, Pineywoods Mitigation Banks, as well as the establishment of the first American Burying Beetle conservation property and then subsequent bank, the American Burying Beetle Conservation Bank.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.


Preston W. Smith
p. 903.780.2102